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35+ Best Rosewater Benefits & Beauty Tips


Rosewater. Even just to say it, there is something smooth, delicate and sensual about it.

Known as a beauty potion that has been used since ancient Egypt by Ms Cleopatra herself, and has stood the test of time as it is still known as a beauty potion to this very day.

Rosewater has many uses and benefits in food, drinks, for health, etc. with its number one use being for hair and beauty.

There is no mistaking why rosewater has been used for thousands of years for its beauty properties and why it is still going strong and being incorporated into many everyday skincare routines, especially as a toner.

Rosewater and rose oil are made by:

  • the extraction of the oil from rose petals or
  • by steeping the rose petals in water or distilling rose petals with steam to get rosewater

The contents of the rose are then produced as a beauty ingredient in the form of an oil, water, cream, or spritz.

So grabbing yourself a simple bottle of pure rosewater and some cotton pads are just enough to get started to begin reaping the rewards and benefits of what rosewater has to offer and what you will be thankful for.

Below is the ultimate list of benefits of why you need to incorporate a bit of rose into your life and skincare regime, whether it be for your face or on your body.

Best Beauty Benefits of Rosewater and Rose Oil

1) Helps to maintain your skin’s PH balance

2) Help control excess oil

3) Helps to hydrate, revitalise and moisturise your skin

4) Help boost your mood

5) Contains nourishing and moisturising properties

6) Rosewater scent helps you sleep better

7) Hydrating for both your skin and hair

8) Helps soothe digestion problems

9) Helps prevent and treat infections

10) Contains antimicrobial properties

11) Can be used as part of your makeup removal

12) Can be used as a mouthwash alternative

13) Can be used as a face mist and setting spray

14) Helps de-frizz and strengthen your hair

15) Contains a high content of vitamin C

16) Help get rid of odours

17) Could help acne-prone skin

18) Can be used to brighten eyes

19) Contains anti-inflammatory properties

20) Help relieve headaches

21) Can be used in DIY masks

22) Contains antibacterial properties

23) May aid in soothing sore throats

24) Contains anti-ageing properties

25) Can be used to create fragrances

26) Help open the respiratory airways

27) Contains antioxidant properties

28) Helps soothe skin irritations

29) Can be used as a daily skin toner

30) Can be added to your bath

31) Can help to reduce skin redness

32) Help boost your complexion

33) Can help calm your skin

34) Good to use on dry and sensitive skins

35) Could be used as a bikini line soother

36) Help reduce under-eye puffiness

37) Is a powerful ingredient in facial treatments

38) Can help to clear your skin

39) Suitable for all skin types