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Stylish Secrets Revealed

As impolite as it may be, it’s not surprising why a woman looking like that gets wolf-whistled at.

A woman who is stylish, trendy, and carries it off with a touch of class, seems to effortlessly look perfectly well put together. So it’s no wonder why heads turn and it’s all eyes on her. Right!?

But guess what, you can achieve the look too and so can any other woman on the planet.

It’s great to have the knowledge of what stylish women know and what they do is simple and easy enough, that whether you decide to change a couple of things or completely switch things up entirely, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take your own fashion look to the next level and shine.

In this post we reveal the secrets of what stylish women know and how they manage to look great round the clock.

35+ Ultimate Tips And Hacks Of Stylish Women

1) Know and like your clothes

2) Quality can be an affordable must

3) Classics can be your fashion friend for life

4) Why would you not accessorise

5) Age is not a factor

6) Plan your outfits the night before

7) Keep an eye on the weather

8) Get your underwear right

9) Mix your high end and low end fashion items together

10) Get inspired

11) Find a tailor

12) Own a steamer

13) Capsule wardrobe method – buy few items for many occassions

14) Know your body shape

15) Footwear

16) They know labels don’t make them cooler

17) Keep that wardrobe organised

18) Being super comfortable is cool

19) When in doubt, overdress

20) They know their style and own their own taste

21) Have your own go-to uniform ready as a back-up

22) Wearing sunglasses is always going to be cool

23) They give themselves enough time to get ready in the mornings

24) They can find something almost anywhere in any store

25) They don’t dress to fit in and be considered stylish

26) They don’t try too hard

27) Take care of your shoes

28) Wear your outfits with confidence

29) Remember good outfit combinations

30) They always look a little less done than everyone else

31) Re-wear items

32) Dress to impress yourself

33) Obviously maintain your clothes

34) Try things on

35) They are not at the mercy of fashion

36) Shop affordable fashion carefully

37) Develop and follow a proper beauty routine

38) Get to know your hairdresser

39) They don’t fear being simple and chic

40) Get to know the power of scent

41) Let go of worn out items