About Us

My 360 Chic is an online platform of fashion, beauty and feel good vibes.

The internet is such a wide space that it can be overwhelming when searching for an outfit to put together or a beauty look you want to have.

This website is here to help others and reduce the not so fun side, of online shopping that can sometimes lead to time wasting when you’ve spent hours searching and you still can’t find what you want.

Super annoying!

Looking fashionable and chic or even just fashionable yet casual doesn’t have to be such a headache.

And now, for a lot of us it’s no longer a headache, thanks to inspirational outfit ideas.

Have you ever taken screenshots of someone in an outfit that you like that you’ve discovered on platforms like pinterest and instagram and simply want to get and copy that look?

Well now you can.

My 360 Chic is simply trying to show you that your style and beauty goals can be reached by helping you shop your favourite inspirational outfits easily, by simply finding similar matching items of those very inspirational outfits that we think you would like.

We’ve also added accessories to some of the inspirational outfit looks to give an added chic boost.

And you don’t even have to shop the whole outfit if you don’t want to.

We also like positivity, fun and light-hearted vibes and what better way to share that than in the form of quotes. Words can be fun and inspirational and as we’ve also discovered…wearable.

My 360 Chic is a platform where creativity, expression, freedom and joy has taken place and where motivation, inspiration, learning and sharing can happen.

Creating this website has been fun to do and a pleasure to help you out.