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rock it like your famous quote
Rock It Like Your Famous

pretty little me quote
Pretty Little Me

keepin' it cool calm & chic quote
Keepin' It Cool, Calm & Chic
i'm too fly too cry quote
I'm Too Fly To Cry

let your style do the talking quote
Let Your Style Do The Talking
looking good is my daily norm quote
Looking Good Is My Daily Norm

self confidence is a girls best friend quote
Self Confidence Is A Girls Best Friend

look but don't hate quote
Look But Don't Hate

the world is your runway quote
The World Is Your Runway, Go Strut Your Stuff
life won't sparkle unless you shine quote
Life Won't Sparkle Unless You Shine

wear it rock it own it quote
Wear It. Rock It. Own It.

i'm too hot to handle quote
I'm Too Hot To Handle

me, myself and a good pair of stilettos quote
Me, Myself & A Good Pair Of Stilettos
im a trendsetter hear me roar quote
I'm A Trendsetter Hear Me Roar
today's my day to be a hot mess quote
Today's My Day To Be A Hot Mess
fashion is a trend. beauty is my style quote
"Fashion Is A Trend. Beauty Is My Style"
sexy like a boss quote
Sexy Like A Boss

Successful Like A Boss Quote
Successful Like A Boss

Strong!!! Like A Boss Quote
Strong Like A Boss

Livin' Life Like A Boss Quote
Livin' Life Like A Boss

Play Work Slay Like A Boss Quote
Play Work Slay Like A Boss
Holding My Head High Like A Boss Quote
Holding My Head High Like A Boss
Covid Free Like A Boss Quote
Covid Free Like A Boss