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How To Look Slimmer In No Time

There seem to be tips, tricks, and solutions to almost everything these days, and looking slimmer in the outfits you wear is no exception.

We all already know that having a healthy eating plan and committing ourselves to exercise workouts sets the foundations of achieving leaner, toned physic but there are also some hacks we discovered that can create the illusion of an even slimmer physic quickly and instantly.

So there is absolutely no need for dangerous crash diets, starving yourself for the day to make sure you look thinner for tonight, and definitely no need for any drastic plastic surgeries.

These figure flattening styling tips will help you achieve that instantly appealing slimmer silhouette in no time.

Even celebrities use dressing tricks to fake a slimmer figure and accentuate the best parts of their bodies that they love.

These stylist hacks on looking slimmer can work for any given silhouette and all while we still embrace our different body shapes and sizes.

There will always be pieces in your wardrobe that will flatter you more than others, so let’s get to it. If the celebs can do it then so can we.

1) How to look slimmer by wearing clothes that fit

Wearing clothes that are too big or too small will, either way, make you look bigger than you actually are. Choose and wear clothes that fit well, that hug your body shape lightly and comfortably and are flattering to your figure.

2) Have a good posture

Practice keeping your back straight and your shoulders back. Standing with a good posture and sitting with a good posture will make a huge difference visually. Give standing with a good posture a go and see how it adjusts your body and pulls in your tummy.

3) Wear jewellery strategically

Wear tasteful jewellery that brings attention to your face and away from your body such as necklaces and earrings. Simply wearing long necklaces can give the body a longer linear appearance.

4) Wear items that hug you at your waist

Wear clothes that comfortably draw in and accentuate your natural waistline. Styles that have stitching, patterns and belts added to them, designed to nip you in at the waist can give the appearance of looking smaller.

5) Wear skinny heels with points

A slender toe front and thin heel can give your calves the appearance of a narrower more extended silhouette and make legs look slimmer, sexy and longer.

6) Choose items that emphasize your chest and hips

Wearing clothing items like skirts that flare at the hips or wearing tops with ruffles can make your waist look smaller.

7) Tailor your cut-off lines

Wear clothes that give a tailored flared appearance that creates good crisp lines at your hips, chest and waist, for example, boot-cut jeans or A-line skirts. This will help to create a slimmer look and create a skinnier illusion to your size.

8) Wear accessories that flatter you

Strategically wearing larger and bolder jewellery, can give the appearance that you are taller and slimmer than you really are, such as a chunky bracelet can give the appearance of a slimmer wrist.

9) Carry your chin up

Holding your head up high and straight can create good posture for your face and chin area and will keep those chin roles stretched out for a slimmer appearance.

10) Pick simple denim

Boot-cut and straight leg jeans can give a nice, flattering streamlined look. Simple, dark coloured jeans without all the extra decorations and styles can be the most flattering.

11) Stay away from clothes that make you look bigger

This one has to be a no brainer. Obviously, wearing clothes that are ill-fitting and add bulk in all the wrong places will definitely distract and not give you the appearance of a smaller form.

12) Create the illusion to look slimmer with colours and patterns

Black and dark coloured clothes and patterns such as vertical lines and stripes can definitely be your best friend when it comes to creating the illusion of a thinner body frame.

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How To Look Slimmer Like The Celebs - Stylist Hacks

13) How to look slimmer from using shapewear

Shapewear is a quick and easy way to enhance or make slimmer different parts of your body. They work amazingly well and are instant.

14) Wear long cardigans

Wearing long, light-weight, single colour cardigans give a good effect of lengthening and slimming your appearance.

15) Show a little bit of skin

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin with V-neckline tops, as this will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body. But you’d want to do it within reason and keep your style tasteful and elegant.

16) Wear a jacket over fitted jeans

Tailored, tapered, hip-length and well-fitted blazers and jackets will help counteract excess curves, whittle down your waist and give you a sleek and slimmer look.

17) Wear the right undies

Wearing the right underwear especially the right size bra can create a smooth, slender silhouette.

18) Pull your hair back

Taking your hair off your face and putting it into a sleek style such as a high bun or ponytail will reveal your bone structure and a thinner face.

19) Choose the right fabrics

Wear clothes that are made of smooth and flexible fabrics that have a touch of spandex to them.

20) Don’t underline your problem areas

Don’t go over the top trying to cover over your problem areas that you don’t like with excessive prints and accessories, as this can have the opposite effect. The less attention you draw to that area, the more comfortable and better your appearance will be.

21) Invest in a pair of skin-tone shoes

A celeb secret footwear idea is to wear skin-toned shoes that match the skin-tone of your bare legs. This will add a few more inches and give the illusion of longer legs and an elongated body.

22) Time to get rid of clothes way too small

Wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well. If you wear clothes that are too big or small and ill-fitting, will visually add some pounds to your look and could further highlight the flaws you might want to hide.

23) Wear the right belt

Cinching your outfits with skinny belts will help suck in your waist and look slimmer in the most flattering way possible.

24) How to look slimmer wearing shapely skirts

A tailored pencil skirt or even maxi skirts with a simple style can give the impression of a longer, leaner sleek appearance.

25) Instant slim down with all black

Wearing all black to create the appearance of a slimmer look is classic and super effective. Wearing black or dark clothing doesn’t create shadows under or around your problem areas and is great for hiding imperfections while keeping you chic and well put together.

26) Wear jeans with heels

Such an easy and simple thing to do, in combination with tucking in your shirt, when done right can make you look longer, leaner and slimmer.

27) Be brave enough to wear red

Don’t shy away from wearing this bold scarlet colour. As well as giving you sexy chic, red can also help absorb light in all the right ways and give you a slimmer, flattering tone to your look.

28) How to look slimmer wearing the right bra

Wearing the proper bra that lifts and supports everything in place will make you appear to have a slimmer leaner torso. The trick is to also have the right bras for the right occasions, such as strapless, casual, exercise, t-shirt, etc.

29) Thought about wearing a wide collar coat

Wearing a wide collar coat or wearing a chunky scarf to your normal coat has a way of streamlining your look from the chest down and making your style look slimmer and chic.

30) Tuck those tops in

Wearing a well-fitted blouse tucked in or even a casual loose fitted shirt that is tucked in partially at the front can elongate your whole body.

31) Try the scarf and straight leg jeans combo

Dark straight-leg jeans will help slim the look of your hips and thighs, while a long, pretty, patterned scarf that is flattering can help add length to your upper body and bring attention to your face.

32) Wear scoop-front heels

Scoop-front pumps and sandals have a way of lengthening the appearance of your legs, while booties and ankle-strap shoes can do the opposite.

33) Invest in a pair of high-rise jeans

When worn correctly, high-rise jeans do a good job at keeping you tucked in and make you and your legs appear longer, taller and slimmer, especially when you opt for high-rise jeans that stop near your ankle and have a zipper fly that stop just above your belly button.

34) The meeting of your tops and bottoms

Pay attention to wear your top meets your trousers. Wearing tops that cut off just under the waist will give a slimmer appearance.

35) A bag not too big, not too small

Opt for a structured medium-size handbag, that is versatile for everyday use. It will give a more balanced, chic, streamlined appearance.

36) How to look slimmer wearing vertical stripes

Wearing vertical stripes do a much better job at creating long lines and a slimmer, longer silhouette, compared to wearing clothing with horizontal lines which can make you look wider.

37) Highlight your best assets with brighter colours

As you hide and slim down areas of you that you don’t like with dark clothing, the opposite can be done with parts of you that you do like. For example, if you are not too thrilled about your lower body compared to your upper body, wear black or dark skirts or trousers but wear a nice brightly coloured top that is flattering to you.

38) Layer darker colours under lighter colours

Putting on your dark colours first and layering with lighter tones, can maximize your outfits slimming potential and can help give your body definition when done correctly.