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25+ Best And Simple Ways to Look Expensive

Did you know that there are some very simple and easy ways to make any outfit you wear look more expensive?

Yes, guys, it’s true and it’s possible to dress like the celebrities. To dress like one of those social media fashionistas. Looking chic and stylish like you actually know what you are doing with your outfits.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you some easy to follow tips and tricks to take even the most basic outfit to the next level of chic.

These easy to do fashion hacks will help you cheat your way to a trendy, stylish, luxurious look to satisfy those high-end fashion tastebuds on a budget, or better still, why not work with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe…for free!

So don’t panic, there are ways to simply elevate your existing wardrobe with the techniques you’ll learn today. There’s no reason why you can’t appear to look effortlessly expensive and chic without actually owning expensive things…and it will be your little secret.

So check out these ideas and give them a try. Have fun.

1) Get to know your tailor

Customise existing clothes that you currently have and new clothes you’ve bought. Get them taken in for a better fit. If something is too long, get it trimmed. Add, remove or even change stitches and buttons to add more style.

2) Keep it simple

No jewellery studded, diamonte, glittered patterns or distressed clothing. These can end up being costly to maintain and doesn’t always give the appearance of looking expensive. Being plain and simple stuff on the cheaper end and build your style on top.

3) Do less laundry

Avoid excessive and frequent washing of your clothes as this can deteriorate and weaken the fabric fibres, damages your clothes more than you realise and cheapens your look.

4) Create smooth silhouettes under your looks

Invisible bra lines and panty lines will reduce those bumps and distractions that can make your clothes look cheap and ill-fitted. Wearing well-fitted underwear or even light-weight shapewear could instantly make your clothes look more chic.

5) Tuck it in

Many of us probably own a few oversized tops that have been hanging in our wardrobe that we don’t wear, simply because we feel they’re way too big for us. But hears the thing, yes you can. Whether it’s an oversized blouse, t-shirt or sweater, simply tuck in your tops into your trousers at the front or all-around your waistline, will take your outfits to the next level and provide a clean and polished looked.

6) Wear layers

Another way to make your outfit look more expensive is by experimenting and layering up a couple of clothing items on top of each other. Try wearing a thin-strapped dress over a plain white t-shirt or a quirky dress over a pair of trousers.

7) Own a blazer

When you’re not sure what to wear, blazers can be an easy go-to option to throw on to elevate wearing a pair of jeans or to add an extra chic style to your dress.

8) It’s ok to match your shoes and bag

Matching your accessories such as your shoes and your bag gives the impression that you know what you are doing even if you feel like you don’t.

9) Give logos a miss

Wearing logo clothing is not necessarily the way to up your look, as logos could fade over time or even fall off. Logo free clothing is trendy and can become timeless pieces.

10) Structured bags over floppy bags

You may not have realised but unstructured and slouchy bags can give the same appearance as an ill-fitted outfit. A large or small structured bag can make your outfits look more expensive and elegant and give the perception of high-end fashion.

11) Choose black over brown any day

Browns, olive tones and other earthy colours don’t often do well when used in prints and low-quality materials and can bring down your look. Using black as your base tone colour would go with just about anything and will allow you to mix and match and wear pastels and rich deep tones.

12) Keep them bags looking like new

Looking after and taking care of your bags will not only help it to last longer but will always look like it’s fresh out of the store. It might be time to invest in a dust bag for your bag.

13) Get pieces tailored

Getting a lot of your clothes tailored is worth every penny, and the cheaper the garment the easier it is to tailor. When done correctly, a couple of quick or fancy stitches here and there can take a £10 skirt to look like a £200 designer skirt.

14) Add a belt

Whether you decide to add a belt to your oversized top look or to a shirt dress, adding a belt to your outfit will help emphasize your waist, refine your look and will add more of a chic finish to your style.

15) All black or all white works great

If you decide you want to wear all black or all white, it would be the easiest outfit look regardless of whether it was intentional or not. You can’t really go wrong when wearing either one of these colour choices from head to toe.

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16) Dress your denim

Add some heels to your denim jeans and instantly elongate your style and silhouette.

17) Only wear clothes in like-new conditions

Wearing clothes with stains, holes and rips in them won’t give that expensive touch that you’re looking for unless you’re going for another look which can be saved for another day.

18) Use a steamer

Using a steamer can be used to get wrinkles out of just about any garment, quicker and less of a hassle compared to using an iron. And the bonus is, when used the night before and aired, any lingering odours will be neutralised by the morning. Really useful when you are in between washes.

19) Avoid going OTT with the prints

Wearing too many prints can make an outfit look tired and cluttered. Wear them in moderation and try not to go crazy covering yourself in prints from top to bottom.

20) Stay away from distressed pieces

There are some exceptions to this, such as a good quality pair of ripped jeans. Wearing cheap fabric clothing with a poorly designed distressed technique can end up making what you’re wearing look old and worn out.

21) Add gold accessories

Whether it’s a bag, jewellery or both, adding some gold to your style is a simple way to look stylish and expensive without actually adding any extra expense.

22) Fabrics like linen, faux suede and cotton look expensive but are not

These types of fabrics not only let your skin breath and give out an expensive vibe but are also super low maintenance, easily washable, have natural fibres and simply look really good when worn.

23) Throw on some shades

Throwing on a pair of big black sunglasses will instantly make any outfit look better. Its that simple.

24) Keep your jewellery tasteful

When looking high end, wearing tasteful jewellery is a must for taking your look to the next level. So focus on classic minimalistic jewellery accessories that are versatile and timeless.

25) Keep your whites white

Freshly white, polished-looking clothing items can really bring an outfit to chic instantly. So soak any dull-looking whites that you have in clothes whitener and bleach before putting them in the laundry. Remember to also take care of your white footwear.

26) Swap the buttons

Upgrade those plastic buttons for something more expensive-looking, like pearl or metal buttons. It will make a small but noticeable difference.

27) Own a pair of points

Owning and wearing a pair of pointy-toe shoes will instantly polish up any outfit and you can easily look expensive from wearing a pair of pointy flat shoes of pointy shoes with heels.

28) Avoid visible zippers

Avoid having the zipper on your clothing on display if you can. Having a discreetly covered zipper can take the quality of a cheaper garment to an expensive-looking garment. You might need the tailor for this one.

29) Choose oversize clothing

Don’t be afraid of wearing oversized clothing. If wearing a boyfriend shirt, super wide-legged trousers or a long bulky cardigan, you can still achieve a high-end look by counterbalancing your oversized pieces with tailored and fitted pieces.

30) Last but definitely not least, your beauty matters

You don’t have to step out all layered up in makeup but attention to detail can make an outfit look really luxe. So take notice of the chipped nail polish and the crazy hair. Even an all-natural no-makeup look with a bold red lip colour can elevate your style.