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Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), made from fermenting apples, is a natural ingredient that possesses amazing beauty benefits for the hair, skin, and nails.

There are several key properties of apple cider vinegar (ACV) that will contribute to help maintain beautiful skin and hair such as;

  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Astringent

It contains vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, and enzymes as well as being rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, citric and malic acids, and acetic acids to give your skin a natural exfoliating treatment while balancing your PH.

To enjoy the full beauty benefits of ACV, make sure to use cider vinegar with mother. This type of ACV is raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, and contains the original enzymes.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of apple cider vinegar and what it is good for.

10+ Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Tips And Uses

1) Eliminates acne and pimples

  • Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help prevent acne and pimples
  • Cleans the skin pores of dirt and oil and kills bacteria
  • Absorbs excess oils from the skin, the leading cause of acne
  • Helps balance and restore your skin’s PH levels, which is essential to prevent skin breakouts

2) Skin toner

  • Astringent properties make this ideal for people who have oily skin
  • Regulates the PH levels of your skin
  • Its rich source of alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid will help stimulate circulation and increase blood flow
  • Minimises pores
  • Help prevent breakouts and minimises blemishes

3) Dandruff

  • Has great anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to combat and alleviate the causes of dandruff, dry or oily skin, malassezia, eczema, itchy scalp, dermatitis and yeast-like fungus’
  • Cleans clogged pores and hair follicles
  • Helps balance the PH levels of the scalp
  • Restores the scalp’s protective acid mantle layer to prevent further fungal growth

4) Stinky feet, athletes foot and skin and nail fungus

  • Its antimicrobial properties help to disinfect your feet from odor-causing bacteria
  • Its acidity and antiseptic properties help neutralise and deodorise bad odors
  • Anti-fungal properties fight against yeast and fungus on the skin and nails and prevent fungal conditions like athletes foot

5) Soothes sunburns

  • A natural astringent helping to calm irritation, itching and inflammation
  • Relieves and soothes the pain and discomfort of sunburn
  • Minimises and reduces peeling
  • Prevents blistering
  • Balances PH levels of the skin
  • Promotes collagen production, helping to speed up the healing and regeneration process of the skin

6) Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Benefits For Shiny, healthy hair

  • Its clarifying properties will help strip and remove residue buildup left on your hair and scalp from styling products, shampoos and conditioners
  • Strengthens the hair shaft
  • Reduces hair damage
  • Promotes soft, shiny hair
  • Helps restore the natural PH level of the scalp
  • Stimulates the scalp for hair growth

7) Bad breath and whitening teeth

  • Helps lessens the stains that have formed on your teeth to help naturally whiten them
  • Its acidity and minerals target bad breath
  • The PH level and the vinegar help kill bacteria in your mouth and gums for fresher breath and any odor-causing bacteria sitting on your tongue

8) Cleaning make-up tools

The anti-bacterial properties of the acid and the vinegar are great cleaners for your make-up tools which inhibit dirt, oil and bacteria which are the leading causes of acne.

9) Soothing detox bath soak and skin softener

  • Draws toxins out of the body
  • Has moisturising properties and hydrates the skin
  • Tones the skin
  • Its PH level is similar to that of the protective acid mantle layer of our skin and will help to restore balance

10) Reduce age spots

  • Contains sulphur that fights the effects of aging, including age spots
  • It will lighten age spots with regular use

11) Natural deodorant

  • Allows your armpits the ability to sweat as part of the body’s natural means of detoxification
  • Absorbs and neutralises sweat odors
  • Can lighten dark armpits

12) Nail soak

  • Improves the strength of weakened nails
  • Helps to restore brittle nails
  • Helps whiten the appearance of stained yellow fingernails

13) Dark lips

  • Helps to soften lips
  • Lightens lips with regular use

14) Razor bump remedy

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated skin and reduce the signs of redness
  • The acetic acid helps eliminate ingrown hairs by softening the skin for the hairs to grow out more easily

15) Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

When diluted in water, drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) can help detox the body from within, as well as:

  • aid in weight loss
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • help improve symptoms of diabetes
  • lower cholesterol
  • and many other health benefits