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40+ Ways How To Restart Your Wardrobe

Is it a new year?  A new season? A new you?

Gone through a life experience such as a break up and now you’ve come out on the other side wanting to completely revamp a new you? Or are you simply fed up of having a messy wardrobe?

Well, whatever the reason, there comes a time for all of us when it just simply has to be done. Yep, either a partial clear out or a complete overhaul of your wardrobe where you can start over again completely or start over with current pieces that you love.

There’s no point in holding onto items and clothing pieces that are no longer to your liking or style, that don’t fit you right, too tight or no longer comfortable to wear. Even clothing that has been well worn and is now bad quality.

It may well be time to analyse and revamp your wardrobe and avoid wasting money, space and holding onto clothing you no longer need.

So check out these ideas to detox your wardrobe and give them a try. Your closet will thank you for it later.

1) Closet Cleanse

1) Donate gently worn items you no longer wear

2) Sell items you no longer wear and make money

3) Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more

4) Get rid of duplicates

5) Only keep items you love wearing and feel comfortable in

6) Store off-season clothes in crates or storage boxes

7) It’s time to part with items you’re holding onto out of guilt or obligation

8) Exausted the dress you’ve worn to every invite

9) Why keep anything that doesn’t make you feel great

10) Let go of pieces you swear you’ll wear someday but haven’t in the last 12 months

11) Assess and go through your current wardrobe

12) Simply empty your closet

13) Sort and edit accessories

14) Divide clothes into piles

15) Spruce up your dressing area

16) Organise – takenotes – back to basis

17) Preparation is key

18) Detox time

19) Store away items you don’t need right now

20) Decide what to part with

21) Neaten up what’s left

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2) Wardrobe Styling

22) Capsule wardrobe method – core closet essentials

23) Limit the number of patterns in your closet

24) Invest in quality clothes

25) Versatile layering pieces

26) Jeans you can live in

27) Your favourite LBD

28) A staple (faux) leather jacket

29) Everyday Shoes

30) Deck out in denim

31) Invest in ankle boots

32) Men, repair and clean items as needed

33) Make a shopping list

34) Look polished in a button up

35) Black Trousers

36) The casual crossbody bag

37) Versatile one-piece

38) Everyday boots

39) Statement shirting

40) Let your hangers help

41) Cozy sweaters

42) Default going out top

43) Colour code layout

44) Start adding new colours

45) Keep an eye on those timeless pieces

46) Assess what’s left and make a shopping list

3) Budget Shop

47) Start finding the best quality pieces your money can buy without breaking your bank. The links below should help you to get started.

Discount sites that sell super cute clothes

Clothing websites for curvy and plus-size