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30+ Ultimate Fashion Hacks French Women Follow

When I think about French women fashion, style and beauty, I think;

  • Stripped back yet stylish.
  • Laid-back, comfortable, chic.
  • Neutral, natural, effortless.
  • Subtle yet confident and sexy.
  • Less is more.

Even with a messy hair day, their look still works. From head to toe, I think we can all agree, that the French know what they are doing with what they’ve got going on in their wardrobes and beauty bags.

Well, guess what! We found out what they do and how they do it.

From their fashion to their beauty, we share their tips, tricks and rules French women follow to simply look Magnifique on a daily basis, and the bonus is, they are quick and easy to do that even you can change your style to French chic overnight.

So let’s discover these fashion and beauty hacks for ourselves, shall we?

1) Is the item badly stained

Sometimes if the item is beyond repair or badly stained, you simply have to recognise that it can’t be saved. No matter how much you love it, if it’s not fit for wearing, parting ways with it will save you precious wardrobe space in the long run.

2) Go for the natural makeup look

Learn to appreciate and love your natural features. Highlight what you already have with a bit of mascara, blush, and a near natural-toned lipstick colour to enhance your natural beauty.

3) Has the item been worn in the last year

Chances are if it hasn’t been worn within the last 365 days, then you probably won’t wear it at all. So think about giving it to charity instead of keeping unnecessary items that you don’t want.

4) Add a scarf

A simple and possibly overlooked accessory like a scarf can really switch up your outfits and add a sense of class to your look. Could be silk or a nicely patterned scarf or even a bandana, it’s up to you.

5) Take it to a tailor and create a new look

If you’ve suddenly become inspired and creative and want to make changes to an item of clothing but can’t do it yourself, then take it to your local tailor to get it tweaked here and there to reinvent a new fit and a new look.

6) No to contouring

Since the contouring method can actually hide and change the natural features of the face, wearing makeup this way is a big no, no for French women. They prefer and appreciate their natural beauty and only use makeup to enhance what they already have or when the right occasion calls for it.

7) Is it comfortable

French women always manage to pick stylish clothes that are comfortable. There’s no point in wearing something that is overly tight in the wrong places or feels itchy and scratchy.

8) Wear elegant shoes

Wear comfortable and elegant shoes that you can wear throughout the day that will match your outfits and that you can go onto wear in the evening if you’ve made plans.

9) Wear simple hairdos

Your hair doesn’t have to be a work of art styled with tons of styling products. Wearing a neat or even messy ponytail, braid or bun as part of a natural but well put together look absolutely works.

10) Is it versatile, can it be worn in multiple ways

Owning items that are versatile can save you time and money, as they can be worn in multiple ways, multiple times. Black items, whatever it is, tend to be winners.

11) Has it gone out of fashion

The world of fashion is incredibly fickle, so no point in having items that are trendy today but are out tomorrow. Your better off buying items that are timeless, that have been around and will come around again.

12) Upgrade those bras

French women pay attention to the bras they wear, especially as they consider it as part of their outfits. For example, wearing a pretty black lace bra that is peeking out from underneath a white buttoned-down shirt, creates a very chic, sexy yet classy style.

13) Can you bring something old back to life with alterations

If you can save an item of clothing by making simple alterations then by all means do it. Adding a zip in your clothes for extra space or upgrading your buttons for new can mean that you get to keep your favourite items for a little longer.

14) Don’t wear ill-fitting, tight outfits

It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. You don’t have to wear tight clothes all over, instead of mix and match clothing items that are less fitting than others.

15) Wear structured coats

A lot of French women opt for structured coats or blazers as this can instantly polish up the most casual outfits to create a sophisticated silhouette in no time.

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16) Don’t follow trends

Keep your style unique and different by mixing and matching fashion trends with your own style and your own rules.

17) Don’t wear platform trainers

This type of footwear simply does not go down well with the French ladies. Regardless of their trend, they will always remain clunky chunky shoes that will make your feet look oversized and remain unflattering to slender legs.

18) Use your fashion icons as inspiration

That’s what they’re there for. There’s nothing wrong with liking and wanting to use the style of an icon to give you ideas and tips for what you want your style to look like.

19) Pair with luxe fabrics

This is a good way to combine casual and formal, high-end fashion meets low-end fashion. It’s a savvy way to create a casual, street style look without even trying.

20) Dress in opposites

Have you ever tried wearing a trench coat over a girly outfit? A pair of fitted jeans with a ruffled blouse? Or even a man’s watch as your accessory? You should try it out and see how it looks.

21) Stay away from big logos and luxury brands

French women do have good taste in the clothing items that they wear and are not wearing big logo branding across their chests. They prefer to look classy and expensive with the few unknown brand items that they have.

22) Leggings are a no-no

Maybe wearing them to the gym is ok but no more than that. They wouldn’t consider wearing them as part of an outfit, instead, they much prefer a pair of quality black tights.

23) Add delicate jewellery

No need for the big statement earrings and necklaces or oversized jewellery of any kind. Keeping with the low key, chic French style can still be achieved by wearing a few delicate necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

24) Wear matching items

Wearing matching lingerie can make you feel perfectly well dressed and put together from head to toe. Think of it as dressing well on the outside for others while dressing well underneath for yourself.

25) Don’t show too much skin

This can come across as tasteless and not classy and can be distracting from people actually paying attention to you for the right reasons.

26) Confidence, confidence, confidence

Since French women tend to dress a bit more elegantly and comfortably, it’s not surprising that they are more assured and confident in their style which shows in the attitude.

27) Apply that red

This will be a top accessory that you will find in a French woman’s purse. If they don’t have time to go home and freshen up for a party, she simply puts on some red lipstick, and the transformation is done.

28) It’s ok to clash prints

Keep it in moderation and keep it tasteful.

29) Clear strap bras are a big no, no

French women simply can’t bring themselves to wear these, they just don’t see the point as you can still notice the plastic straps. Rather than bring their outfit down, they keep it simple and straight to the point and just don’t wear a bra if they don’t want to.

30) Always wear heels or at least as much as you can bare

The quickest way to transform a basic, casual look to something a bit more sophisticated is to add a pair of heels to it. A nice pair of block heels will help add a dressy, casual look while being a bit more comfortable to wear.

31) Natural eyebrows are a thing too

There’s nothing wrong with thick, natural-looking eyebrows that have been neatly well-groomed. So don’t be so quick to wax, thread, and pluck your eyebrows into something so thin you can barely see them.

32) They don’t do French manicures

As surprising as this may sound, this is not their go-to nail polish look. The more natural the better, so if it’s not a block-coloured nail polish manicure then it’s a clean, buffed, natural finish.